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Información para Familias
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The Unaccompanied Children Resource Center (UCRC) is an online hub that provides information and resources to unaccompanied children, their families, and the providers who serve them. We provide educational content to equip unaccompanied children and their families with the knowledge they need to thrive in their new communities. The UC Resource Center also seeks to build the capacity of communities to better meet the needs of unaccompanied children through outreach, education, training, and live and self-paced e-learning opportunities.

The UC Resource Center is a project of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI). To learn more about USCRI and its programs, visit refugees.org.


El Centro de Recursos para Niños Inmigrantes (UCRC) que provee información y recursos para niños inmigrantes, sus familias, y las organizaciones proporcionándoles servicios. Ofrecemos información educativa para preparar a los niños inmigrantes y sus familias con el conocimiento necesario para prosperar en sus nuevas comunidades. UCRC también busca desarrollar la capacidad de las comunidades para poder servir mejor a los niños inmigrantes.

El UCRC es un proyecto manejado por El Comité Estadounidense para Refugiados e Inmigrantes (USCRI). Para aprender más sobre USCRI y sus programas, visite refugees.org.


USCRI’s Rinconcito del Sol, “a little corner of sunshine,” located in Florida, is a shelter for unaccompanied girls between the ages of 13-17. This is a place where children can recover, get stronger, and become more prepared for the journey that lies ahead for them.
USCRI completes home study assessments and provides follow-up case management services to unaccompanied children and their sponsors. Case managers connect families with educational, legal, medical, mental health, and other community resources that families may need.
Livelihoods provides training and employment opportunities to youth who have been repatriated from the United States back to El Salvador, giving them the tools to reintegrate in the community and re-establish their lives.
USCRI administers the Trafficking Victim Assistance Program (TVAP) for the US Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP), contracting with a network of over 200 providers across the US and US territories who provide direct services to survivors of trafficking.



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